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Bosslike Pics From This Week

Another edition of our weekly collection of awesome photos. We’ll start with two Amur leopard cubs born at Twycross Zoo in Atherstone, Warwickshire, England. The Amur leopard is a critically endangered leopard subspecies and only about 25 exist in the wild today.


This car. It’s amazing.


I would devour this entire box of donuts without remorse. They are delightful!


The beautiful moment of a wedding proposal is captured in the following photograph.


Putting some sweet potato fries on your cheese burger is a fantastic idea!


This is what happens when your carry-on luggage is over the weight limit.


Charlie Brown coffees makes your morning Cup o Joe even more special.


This guy decided to propose to Beyonce on Twitter like a boss.


A friendly deer enjoys being scratched.


Meanwhile this dog is enjoying a trunk full of treats to sit and snack on.


Working at an elephant orphanage must be a very rewarding job.


What a view!


At the Grand Hotel in Taipei, this kickass escape slide was discovered.


Make sure you’re eating a balanced diet like the Fresh Prince.

Another stunningly gorgeous view just because.

Grating cheese while skydiving is about as boss as things get.

This photograph of a half moon behind a sailboat was taken precisely at the right time.

Can I have some of that Nutella, please? That jar is huge!

This kitten loves to dance.

And I would love to eat this mac n cheese.

But I wouldn’t want to feed this liger named Hercules, who is recognized by the Guinness Book of World Records as the largest cat on Earth. He weighs over 900lbs! A ligers is a hybrid cross between a male lion and a tigress (female tiger). Crossing them produces the largest felines in the world!

Stacks of money can be a coffee table, you just need enough cash.

Row, row, row your boat…

This looks like a great place to skateboard.

Are you hungry at all? How about a juicy steak with some delicious fries?

Or just a steak cut up and ready for you to eat with chopsticks?

Who wouldn’t want to get in the wind on this bike? It even has NOS!

I guess you could call this thing a tank scooter?

If you get drunk enough this weekend, try out a game of underwater beer pong with your friends.

Bosslike pics of this week!

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