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Drone Photo Contest Produced Bosslike Pictures

The images produced by drones outfitted with Go Pro cameras in this picture contest from Dronestagram are utterly amazing! Bosslike photographers captured these incredible photos with flying robots. The contest was made possible by the awesome people at National Geographic and Go Pro, as well as Dronestagram of course.


Below are the top images submitted to the contest. There were two categories:

a) Judge’s Choice Award – Chosen by judges from sponsors like Nat Geo and Go Pro.

b) Most Liked Community Award – Selected by the Dronestagram community, these were the most liked on the contest page.


Judge’s Choice Award

#1: Boss Eagle

The first prize of the contest went to Dendi Pratam (username Capungaero), who captured a majestic eagle flying over Bali Barat National Park in Indonesia. According to Dendi, the eagle started to chase the drone after the image was taken of it soaring above the park, but only to play with it. Awesome!


#2: People at a Park in Manila

Jericho Saniel Lunario (username Jericsaniel) captured this uplifting image with a drone in the Philippines. As his flying robot was cruising over a park in Caloocan City in Manila, people became very interested in it and enjoyed the experience of encountering a drone with a camera (presumably for the first time in their lives). The joyful faces of cyclists, joggers and other visitors of the park were beautifully captured in this shot.


#3: Sunset Over Annect, France

Dominique Reginensi Reignier-Esery (strong name) snapped this gorgeous shot of the sunset over Annecy, France. Check out that baller rainbow on the bridge! Yeah, buddy!


Most Liked Community Award

#1: Tamul Waterfall

With a drop of 344 feet (105 meters), the Tamul Waterfall is the highest in the state of San Luis Potosi, Mexico. No wonder it was the most popular image. Look at it!


#2: Sanary, France

Jeremy Ballester (username Jams69) was up at 7:30am to get this photograph of the sunrise in Sanary, France, with the help of his trusty drone. Drone photography is his passion. We hope he continues to produce stunning images like this one for us to look at!


#3: Firework Display

Taken over the National Stadium Vasil Levski in Sofia, Bulgaria, this spectacular shot was nailed by Svetlin Marinov (username IceFire) during the 100th anniversary of one of the biggest soccer clubs in Bulgaria. Along with the fireworks provided by the stadium, the public was encouraged to blow some up as well. They did just that, as you can see!


More Sweet Drone Contest Pics

These didn’t get any awards, but they’re still awesome. We figured it’s a great idea to share them. Enjoy!


Mammoth Lakes, CA by User mikebish


Snorkelers in the Coral Garden of Taha’a Lagoon in Tahiti


The City of Mougins, France

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