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Female Bodyguard Training – Petite Chinese Women Turned Into Security Bosses

In China, due to the recent emergence of more wealthy individuals, the demand for qualified bodyguards has skyrocketed. Oftentimes, women are preferred because they can more easily pretend to be non-threatening employees (i.e. a secretary or nanny) of their wealthy clients.

While they may appear non-threatening, they are certainly not after the rigorous training they have to endure to become a qualified bodyguard. Below are some awesome pictures taken at some of these bodyguard training camps.

Smashing bottles on trainees’ heads is a common practice!

The women learn how to fight!

Brutal obstacle courses test their strength and endurance.

Training at the beach can be extremely punishing.

They must learn to escape from dangerous situations like being hogtied and blindfolded!

Rubber guns are used to practice taking down armed attackers.


Would you mess with these ladies? Maybe you’d consider it, just looking at them, but they would quickly put you in your place like a boss!

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