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How To Turn A Bare Basement Into A Cabin-Esque Man Cave For $107

Before the construction process for this amazing man cave began, it was just a bare basement that was somewhat depressing if we’re being completely honest.

Rough cut pine crate wood was what they used for the walls and floors, which would resemble the interior of a log hunting cabin thanks to utilizing a draw knife in order to make the 1″ x 8″ x 12′ boards look like they were hand-cut!

And then the walls went up and the basement started to look less like a torture dungeon and more like a cozy log cabin.

They used a fake roof to hide the support columns and air ducts like some boss architects. If needed, it can be opened to access plumbing. The window has a storage room behind it, but it would later look like a mountain scene instead thanks to a picture with a light source behind it (so you can pretend it’s night or day with a switch)!

A stone fireplace to add further to the coziness factor? Well, why not?!

They aged and stained the center beam of the ceiling to give it that log cabin-esque effect that was deeply desired by the future owner of the most bosslike man cave ever constructed with $107!

The floor boards also came from the same wood as the walls. These were torn to be 3″ wide and then cut with tongue and groove. Are these guys carpenters? Wow!

Faux columns were fashioned with a lock joint for that extra BANG and to cover the steel floor supports like magic.

And then the floors were put in… lookin’ aesthetic as all get-out.

$107 later, we present you with the log cabin basement man cave. $107 was the total cost for the materials used to put together this amazing cabin-esque man cave in six weeks. Some supplies were scavenged for free and the builder definitely spent more to decorate the space.

The goal was to have a man cave that looks like the interior of a hunting cabin furnished with 1940s-1950s era items. I’d say MISSION SUCCESSFUL! A lot of the furniture was also handmade using aged and reclaimed wood.




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