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Life Hacks – These DIY Tips Will Make Your Life Easier

Because we clearly have no idea what we’re doing as we live our lives without guidance, we need the Internet to provide us with helpful life hacks. These DIY tips & tricks will help you master your ever-so-daunting 1st world problems like a boss.


Cleaning Out Your Gutters

If you were to use a ladder to accomplish this task, you’d probably fall off and break your back worse than Neymar. Just be safe and attach a few PVC pipes to your leaf blower instead.


Chair Shelves

According to the World Wide Web, chairs are less expensive than shelving. You should nail some folding chairs to your wall and use them to hang clothes and store boxes. This doesn’t look terrible at all!


Poverty Ponytail

You have no idea how to make a ponytail for your daughter? Just use the dirty hose of a vacuum cleaner like this dad of the year!


Catch Dust From Drilling

You’re using your vacuum cleaner to make pontytails fulltime, so you can’t clean up the mess from drilling holes into your walls? No problem! Use a post-it note to catch that pesky dust.


Pizza Pickup

When you pick up pizza, do you ever want the pizza boxes to sit perfectly straight on your car seat because you have OCD? A soda bottle will hook you up like a boss! For bonus points, turn on your seat warmer.


Rig Your Router

If you want a better Wi-Fi signal from your wireless router, chop up an empty soda can like in the GIF below and prepare for the fastest Internet access you’ve ever experienced!


Apple Products Are Good For Something!

If you have one of these power bricks, you can use it to open beer bottles. Apple products really ARE innovative!


Take Your Keys On A Run

If you have a dog, this will work. If you don’t have a dog, steal one or you’ll have to find somewhere else to put your keys.


Convenient Popcorn

Are you too lazy to eat popcorn from a bag? We understand! Just wear a hoodie backwards to make it much more convenient. It’s the most advanced popcorn delivery system known to man.


Sandwich Bag Phone Case

Flying somewhere? Bring a sandwich bag to put your phone or tablet into, then attach it to the seat in front of you as shown in the image below. It essentially turns your in-flight entertainment into a first-class experience! You’ll be extra thankful if you get sick on the plane and puke all over the seat in front of you. Your phone will be safe from the vomit.


Cold Beer Faster

Do you want cold beer, but you only have warm beer? Wrap the bottle in a wet paper towel and toss that sucker in your freezer. It’ll be cold as ice in no time! Enjoy, our fellow beer connoisseurs.


Deep Clean With A Power Drill

Just in case you need to deep clean your bathroom tiles or something even more disgusting. Use a power drill to speed up the process like a boss.


Bob Marley Cords

Are we serious right now? Maybe.


Enjoy your new and improved life, you boss!

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Sascha Brian
Known around here as "the German", I am indeed German, but have also spent some time traveling the world. With 10 years of my life spent in the United States, rumor has it that I may even know how to grill a great burger. I don't wear socks with sandals any longer, but I still drink beer and eat sauerkraut like a German. When I'm not writing about motivational and inspirational people on Like A Boss, I can usually be found lifting things up and putting them back down in my garage gym (a.k.a. the dungeon).

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