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Mighty Kacy Is A Boss – Kacy Catanzaro Dominated American Ninja Warrior!

No woman has ever gone as far as 5′, 100lbs Kacy Catanzaro on American Ninja Warrior. In the video we posted yesterday, which you can watch below (if you haven’t already), she whooped the everliving crap out of the obstacle course at the Dallas finals of American Ninja Warrior.


#MIGHTYKACY is a thing now. All the hashtags belong to her now. That’s how bosslike she is. Good luck taking them from her!

The excitement displayed by the commentator going nuts, as Kacy put a beatdown on these obstacles, shows just how crazy her accomplishment is. The GIFs below include some sweet, actual quotes from the commentator (along with Kacy conquering extremely difficult obstacles like they ain’t no thang).


Below is the video she submitted to American Ninja Warrior to get a spot on the show. You’ll notice she was an accomplished NCAA gymnast before she was ever an obstacle course murderer. Maybe we should pay attention to gymnastics more than once every four years when they’re going down at the Olympics!


Here are some more badass pics of Kacy. To our knowledge, no bad pictures of her exist.


We wish you all the best as you continue your quest to completely destroy everything American Ninja Warrior can throw at you, #MIGHTKACY! Keep being a boss!

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