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BASE Jumping Into A Rooftop Pool From A 1200ft Tower

This insane BASE jumper just took hopping off a building with a parachute to a whole nother level, when he decided BASE jumping into a rooftop pool on the 34th floor of a building from a 1,200 ft tower was a great idea! It all went down in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, where there are apparently no laws against being crazy (or this guy just broke them). While I can’t think of many things that are more boss than this BASE jump, it’s definitely extremely insane and dangerous, so only trained professionals should even attempt something like this. (Read: Don’t try this at home!)

BASE jumping is the act of parachuting off a fixed object (i.e. a building or a cliff). The acronym BASE stands for building, antenna, span, and Earth. These are the four things you can jump off of during a BASE jump, with Earth usually being some type of cliff! Since 1981, 242 people have died BASE jumping, so it’s by no means a safe sport, but it will definitely give you the ultimate adrenaline rush. Personally, I’ll stick to watching videos of BASE jumpers instead of doing it myself, but that’s just me! Enjoy the vid, ladies & gents.


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