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Support Your World Cup National Team Like A Boss – These Fans Are Amazing!

Whether you call it football or soccer, the game where 22 men kick a ball around for 90 minutes is loved by millions (maybe billions) around the world. Here are some of the most bosslike soccer fans from around the globe representing for their national teams!


2014 Glasses

These guys just look happy to be at the World Cup in Brasil! Their glasses are shaped like the number 2014 and they’re rockin’ the colors of the home team.


Brasil Fans

The nation hosting the World Cup this year is Brazil and they love football (maybe more than any other country)!


USA Fans

American fans came in masses to watch what’s most likely the best American national team ever, led by German coach Jürgen Klinsmann.


Germany Fans

Beer, schnitzel and football go together very well!


Japan Fans

They look pretty wild!


Colombia Fans

She’s even rocking a crazy hat while she cheers on her team!


Ivory Coast Fans

He went all out getting dressed for this special event.


Switzerland Fans

They painted themselves in the colors of their team.


Honduras Fans

Their country might have the highest murder rate in the world, but they still know how to have fun at the World Cup!


Argentina Fans

They love to cheer for Messi!


England Fans

They didn’t have much to cheer about this time, but English fans still made the best out of their trip to the beautiful country of Brasil!


Portugal Fans

Portuguese is the language of Brasil, so these fans probably felt right at home when they partied it up with the locals.


Chile Fans

People from Chile really know how to party.


Netherlands Fans

Supporting the strong Dutch team in epic fashion.


Mexico Fans

We’d definitely rock sombreros as Mexican fans.


Cameroon Fans

They go hard in the paint for sure.


Ecuador Fans


Italy Fans

They got knocked out of the World Cup quickly, but their fans still showed up for them.


South Korea Fans


Belgium Fans

While they make excellent waffles and beer, they also play soccer well these days!


Algeria Fans


Iran Fans


Spain Fans

A quick exit for them as well at this World Cup, but that didn’t stop their fans from showing up with some Spanish fire.


France Fans

They have a lot to be happy about at this World Cup so far.


Uruguay Fans


Bosnia and Herzegovina Fans


Costa Rica Fans


Croatia Fans


Ghana Fans


Russia Fans

Putin would be proud of these fans representing Russia at the World Cup!


Greece Fans


If your country didn’t make the list, we’re sorry but we didn’t find any bosslike fan pictures. Send us some!

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