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Wish Granted: Cancer Patient Hangs Out With ‘Parks & Rec’ Cast


Joshua Ritter needs a wheelchair to get around, after a tumor was removed from his spine recently. He is suffering from something called Von-Hippel Lindau Syndrome, which basically means you have a genetic predisposition to get tumors. Joshua currently has two cysts on his kidneys and seven brain tumors, but …

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Andrew Garfield and Emma Stone Use the Paparazzi Like A Boss


Whenever celebrities Andrew Garfield and Emma Stone notice a bunch of paparazzi following them around, they pull this amazing card trick to spread awareness about various charitable organizations. It’s a very unique way to get back at these photographers for not giving celebs any privacy. We very much commend Andrew …

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#MakeupTransformation Is A Thing – Men Are Doing Their Makeup To Look Like Celebs!


Have you ever wanted to look like a celebrity, gentlemen? Well, these dudes have and it’s causing an Instagram phenomenon called #makeuptransformation. Men are doing four picture series of makeup progression leading up to celebrity status. You have to see it to believe it, so we collected a few of …

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