Tuesday , June 18 2019
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Explosively Bosslike Firework Displays – Are You Ready to Match These on the 4th of July?!


While it’s highly unlikely you will be able to match these awesome firework displays for your 4th of July celebrations this year, it’d be fun to try! Either way, enjoy these breathtaking illuminations of the sky that go far beyond some bottle rockets and sparklers. Prepare for bosslike greatness!   …

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Wish Granted: Cancer Patient Hangs Out With ‘Parks & Rec’ Cast


Joshua Ritter needs a wheelchair to get around, after a tumor was removed from his spine recently. He is suffering from something called Von-Hippel Lindau Syndrome, which basically means you have a genetic predisposition to get tumors. Joshua currently has two cysts on his kidneys and seven brain tumors, but …

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Andrew Garfield and Emma Stone Use the Paparazzi Like A Boss


Whenever celebrities Andrew Garfield and Emma Stone notice a bunch of paparazzi following them around, they pull this amazing card trick to spread awareness about various charitable organizations. It’s a very unique way to get back at these photographers for not giving celebs any privacy. We very much commend Andrew …

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#MakeupTransformation Is A Thing – Men Are Doing Their Makeup To Look Like Celebs!


Have you ever wanted to look like a celebrity, gentlemen? Well, these dudes have and it’s causing an Instagram phenomenon called #makeuptransformation. Men are doing four picture series of makeup progression leading up to celebrity status. You have to see it to believe it, so we collected a few of …

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