Thursday , September 19 2019
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Slow Motion Video Of A Border Collie Dog Doing Parkour Tricks With A Frisbee


[video_player] Kyle ‘Epic’ Mendoza runs a channel on YouTube where he provides instructional videos for those wanting to learn parkour and also shows off his parkour skills (which he’s acquired over the years). Parkour was developed loosely based on military obstacle courses and is essentially about getting from point A …

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Elementary School Teacher Donated The $150,000 She Won To Her School


[video_player] This all went down at an elementary school in Boston, Massachusetts. 26-year-old 3rd grade teacher Nicole “Nikki” Bollerman at UP Academy Dorchester entered the Capital One #WishForOthers contest and won it! Part of the prize was that every child in her class would receive three books of Bollerman’s choosing. The other part was $150,000, …

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Oakland Raiders Player Menelik Watson Donated Game Check To 4-Year-Old Heart Patient


[video_player] Menelik Watson is a boss both on and off the field in the National Football League (NFL). He plays offensive tackle and was drafted by the Oakland Raiders in 2013, after a short but impressive college career as a football player. He grew up in England, shattered his ankle while …

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A Supposed Mini-Pig Grew To Be A Massive 670lbs Pig And Inspired The Creation Of An Animal Shelter


When two guys named Steve and Derek adopted a pig named Esther, they actually thought she was a mini-pig. It turned out she was a massive commercial pig instead though and would change their lives for the better forever! At a tiny 3lbs, they adopted their ‘mini-pig’ and she proceeded to …

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At A Restaurant Called Karma Kitchen, You Always Get A $0 Bill; They Still Manage To Stay Open With People Paying It Forward!


[video_player] Every Sunday in Berkeley, California, USA, a restaurant called Karma Kitchen opens its doors to hungry diners ready to have a delicious meal. At the end of their meal, people who eat at Karma Kitchen are presented with a $0 bill. Each person is also afforded the opportunity to …

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