Thursday , September 19 2019
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YouTube Prankster Roman Atwood Robs An Orphanage, But Not Really


In collaboration with the online computer megastore Tiger Direct, wild YouTube prankster and all around good guy Roman Atwood decided to do something special for a local orphanage in his town called JAFCO Children’s Village. It’s a place where homes are provided for children in need, whether they be waiting …

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François Gissy Sets Bicycle World Record With 207 mph / 333 km/h And Beats A Ferrari In A Race On A Bike


François Gissy is crazy as all get-out. If you couldn’t gather that from his wild haircut (or lack thereof) alone, then the video above should still be plenty of proof. He just went 207 mph (333 km/h) — with the top speed reached at 4.8 seconds — on a rocket-powered bicycle. Yes, …

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Guy Lost 160lbs And Has A Ton Of Loose Skin, But He’s Still Confident Like A Boss!


This guy named John lost a total of 160lbs, all thanks to eating healthy and working out regularly. Here is a little introduction video about John and his Obese to Beast YouTube channel, where he shares his story and gives tips on leading a healthy lifestyle, losing weight, and (most importantly) keeping …

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Man Surprises His Wife On Her Birthday With Portraits Of Their Son Created By Artists From Reddit


A guy named Ernst Berlin wanted to do something very special and memorable for his wife Agnes’ birthday, so he took to the Internet and arranged for the best birthday gift ever: Amazing hand-drawn portraits of their 8 month old son! When this man surprises his wife on her birthday, he does it …

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Harley-Davidson Riders Are Going Green By Planting Trees


Harley-Davidson is generally associated with rough biker dudes that don’t care about anything, but their recent project called ‘Renew the Ride‘ really shows a different side of Harley riders and the company itself. They have partnered up with The Nature Conservancy’s ‘Plant a Billion Trees’ campaign and are collecting donations to …

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