Tuesday , June 18 2019
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You’ll Feel Differently About People Playing With Their Food After This


Ida Frosk is based out of Norway and creates deliciously beautiful art using plates as her canvas and food as paint! These healthy snacks would have any kid (or adult for that matter) ready to eat immediately, all thanks to how adorably they’re presented.   Dino-mite Breakfast This dinosaur themed …

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When You See These 13 Junk Food Hacks, You’ll Start Drooling. #12 Is EPIC.


Hungry people will eat some questionable foods, especially masochistic college kids, who probably came up with the following 13 fast food combos that are a testament to how gluttonous the human mind can be. Sometimes food is just food to you, even if it’s a completely grotesque combination of severely …

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For A Month, This Man Ate Exclusively Out Of Dumpsters. Find Out Why!


It’s estimated that $165 billion worth of perfectly good (edible) food is thrown away each year. To make a point that you could literally live off of dumpster food, environmental activist Rob Greenfield decided to eat exclusively dumpster food for an entire month. You’ll be shocked by the things he …

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