Tuesday , October 15 2019
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Check Out The Bosslike Uniforms These Special Forces Are Rockin’!


With every aspect of military power taken into consideration, the United States military clearly still reigns supreme worldwide, however a lot of countries have some amazing special forces within their militaries that don some impressive uniforms to say the least.   Germany’s KSK The Kommando Spezialkräfte (KSK) are the special …

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Starbucks Gives Employees a College Discount Like A Boss


Starbucks and Arizona State University are teaming up to make getting a college education for Starbucks employees way more affordable! The online program of Arizona State will be offered at a discounted rate to Starbucks employees, who will not be required to continue working for Starbucks just because they took …

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Blind 1yo Boy Can See Again After Surgery Thanks To Donations


1-year-old Wai-Linn lives in Burma and was suffering from congenital corneal scarring. Essentially he was almost completely blind. He was able to make out objects in very bright light, but with the condition that existed since birth, his development was already affected negatively by his blindness. While his family did …

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