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Sleepover At A Major League Baseball Stadium – It’s Even More Bosslike Than It Sounds!


Who wouldn’t want to have a sleepover at a Major League Baseball stadium? If you’re a fan of America’s favorite pastime, then you’d love this event the New York Mets made available. For $175/person, you get free reign over the entire stadium for a night. You can set up tents …

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Calcio Fiorentino Combines Soccer, Rugby And Bare-Knuckle Fighting Into One Sport Like A Boss


In 16th century Italy, a sport called Calcio fiorentino was played mainly by rich aristocrats and even the Pope at times (namely Clement VII, Leo XI and Urban VIII). It was extremely violent and combined elements of soccer, rugby and bare-knuckle fighting into one brutal sport.   Thought to be …

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25 Highest Paid NFL Players This Season – We Have Some HILARIOUS Pics Of #1 On The List


Today, we’re counting down the top 25 highest paid NFL players this season. Pre-season already kicked off with the Hall of Fame game on Sunday, so we’re definitely getting that football season feeling! For the laughs, scroll to #1 immediately.   #25: Charles Johnson – Defensive End for the Carolina …

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