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Anamorphic Artworks That Can Only Be Seen With A Cylinder

Prepare to have your mind absolutely blown by these anamorphic masterpieces. These works of art morph into a brand new images with the help of a reflective cylinder!


This first one blends in pretty well. What am I looking at exactly?

A wild scene turns into a bearded man with just a cylinder!

It looks like a complete mess, until the cylinder turns it into a bosslike tree with birds!

This one is extremely awesome using the circular pattern!

This really looked nothing like that dude before…

Just some kids playing basketball.

This next one took some major geometry skills.

How in the hell did THAT create a face?!


I wanna go see this one in person.

The one below is freaking me out a little bit.

You know he means business, when an artist is drawing on newspapers.

Now we’re taking it to the next level with sculptures.

Another cool face painting.

Just some more mind blowing art…


I hope you enjoyed these as much as I did. I think they’re brilliantly unique and really got a kick out of them.

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  1. Do you know where to get any of these designs? The tree and birds one is amazing

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