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Man Uses Olive Garden’s Never Ending Pasta Pass To Feed The Homeless


A couple months ago, Olive Garden did a special deal called the Never Ending Pasta Pass, which is a $100 pass that allows you to eat as much pasta as you want at their restaurants for seven weeks. They only sold 1,000 of them total, so they were sold out online within 45 minutes. It was such an extravaganza that Jimmy Kimmel even covered it on his show and came up with the ridiculous concept of an ALS Pasta Challenge.

Moving right along to what’s in the video up top. This charitable guy named Matt Tribe somehow — in true boss fashion — managed to snatch up one of these Never Ending Pasta Passes from Olive Garden and had a great idea on how to make his $100 investment really count. He proceeded to use his seven weeks of unlimited pasta to do something uplifting and inspiring.

Instead of just stuffing his own face with pasta every day (which he did as well of course), he also took a bunch of it to feed homeless people, which he captured in the heartwarming video above. He called his little project Random Acts of Pasta and got a chance to make the lives of other people better instead of greedily stuffing his face with unlimited pasta while people in his community are on the street starving.

Olive Garden may or may not like the fact that he gave away a ton of the pasta he got with his pass, but it was still for a good cause and a unique way to spread some joy among people that really have it rough in life. I’m hungry for some delicious pasta myself now!

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