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NFL Quarterback Andrew Luck Compliments Defenders Like A Boss


Note: Please fast forward to about 1:35 in the video above to get to the part I’m talking about in this article.

Andrew Luck is a National Football League quarterback for the Indianapolis Colts. This past regular season, he led the league in touchdown passes and generally dominated games with his innate ability to efficiently mix passing and running the ball, as well as his toughness to take hits when he needs to in order to help his team advance the ball and score so many touchdowns.

He is undoubtedly a great quarterback and has joined the elites in the last couple of seasons he’s played in the National Football League. Today, he will face off against another great NFL QB in Tom Brady for the AFC Championship and possibly advance to the Super Bowl, but this story isn’t just about that. It’s about more than that.

It’s about a man who has managed to take on-field trash talking in American football to a whole different level by adding an element of kindness and sincerity to it that is unparalleled in this very violent game. Instead of getting upset or suffering silently like most quarterbacks when they get hit hard by defenders, Andrew Luck chooses to praise the hitters.

The harder he gets hit, the better the compliments the defenders get. He doesn’t get mad, he just compliments his opponents in a sort of ‘killing them with kindness’ way that is probably the most effective way to “trash talk” I have ever seen.

After getting sacked, Luck will often congratulate the defender with a heartfelt, “What a hit!” or, “Great job!” Sometimes it makes defenders happy, until they realize they shouldn’t be getting compliments like that from their opponent. Then it confuses them and makes them wonder if they really hit him as hard as they thought.

Andrew Luck’s positivity may be a little over-the-top and yelling stuff like, “Nice hit! Nice hit!” after getting obliterated by an NFL linebacker might not be fitting to the situation or normal, but it’s certainly boss!

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