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At A Restaurant Called Karma Kitchen, You Always Get A $0 Bill; They Still Manage To Stay Open With People Paying It Forward!


Every Sunday in Berkeley, California, USA, a restaurant called Karma Kitchen opens its doors to hungry diners ready to have a delicious meal. At the end of their meal, people who eat at Karma Kitchen are presented with a $0 bill.

Each person is also afforded the opportunity to pay it forward and essentially pay for the meal of the person or people who come to eat after them. The volunteer-run restaurant manages to stay in business and people have really taken to the idea of paying it forward to give someone they don’t even know an enjoyable dining experience.

$750 is paid each Sunday to rent the restaurant where Karma Kitchen happens. If people were to choose not to pay for the meals of diners who come in after them, that would be the end of this project. But they’re not choosing to do that! No, they’re choosing to pay it forward, share the joy of good food with others, and enable this wonderful, karma-based business venture to keep going and thrive. It is truly amazing to see this business model flourish and turn into something that has the ability to bond together a community, introduce people to each other in a relaxed atmosphere, and even allow some friendships to grow and blossom.

Blind generosity like this is a terrific way to build and fortify a community and the Karma Kitchen concept from Global Oneness Project is a prime example of the fact that it can really work. The question Karma Kitchen essentially poses is simple: “What is the value of something that doesn’t have a price?” What do you think? Would you pay it forward after you receive your $0 check at this Berkeley restaurant?


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