Friday , August 23 2019
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Saints Fan Steals Ball From Female Bengals Fan

Lots of crazy stuff is happening of the football stadiums now days, but what happened with this Bengels fan just hit a new low. A New Orleans Saints fan watched his team give up another touchdown this Sunday. Jermaine Gresham had just given Cincinnati a 20-3 lead with his touchdown number two of the game. Then Mr Gresham tried to do a very boss like thing and tossed the ball to a pretty blonde girl wearing the Bengals jersey.

Now the story could have ended there, but no. Out of the blue this Saints Fan jumps in and seals the ball from the Bengals fan girl and then refused to give it back to, lets be honest, the rightful owner. The Bengals girl begged and begged but it did not help.

But thank god for justice. New Orleans Saint made sure she went home with a ball and a good memory of the match. But talk about a sore looser of a Saints fan.

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