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YouTube Prankster Roman Atwood Robs An Orphanage, But Not Really

In collaboration with the online computer megastore Tiger Direct, wild YouTube prankster and all around good guy Roman Atwood decided to do something special for a local orphanage in his town called JAFCO Children’s Village. It’s a place where homes are provided for children in need, whether they be waiting for adoption or otherwise. It’s a great place for abused and neglected children specifically to get help and live in a positive environment.

While they provide excellent care at the Children’s Village, Roman Atwood was made aware of the fact that they didn’t have any of the “fun stuff”. Their computers were outdated and there were no TVs or tablets to entertain the children, so Roman hit up Tiger Direct to help hook them up with an amazing setup.

He wanted to give the Children’s Village a full upgrade with new computers, flatscreen TVs, and a tablet for every kid there. But first, he was going to shock the crap out of all of them because he is a prankster afterall. That’s just what true pranksters do. They don’t just do nice things, they have to make it a little entertaining beforehand to appeal to the YouTube community.

With permission from management at the orphanage, Roman Atwood staged a robbery of the main building. He hid all the old computers and made a huge mess inside the house for them to find in the morning. All the employees were shocked when they arrived in the morning and could not believe someone would rob an orphanage.

Who would do such a thing?! Roman Atwood would. But not really.

Once he revealed all the new equipment Tiger Direct had hooked the orphanage up with, everyone at the scene was speechless and couldn’t believe it. He dumped a bunch of tablets on the ground for the kids and taught us how to stage a fake robbery of an orphanage before giving them a big surprise.

We know the kids love their new tablets and the staff at JAFCO Children’s Village will be extremely glad to have new computers to work on as well. Plus, those TVs are damn nice! Needless to say, Roman Atwood is a boss.

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