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Kind Strangers Pay To Repair Brave Soldier’s Car

Kelly Foster is an Iraq war veteran, who bravely served his country. The now retired Staff Sergeant bought a 1965 Ford Mustang back in 2005 and had been paying little by little to have it fully restored to mint condition.

He had about $20,000 worth of work left on the car before it would be fully restored, so some selfless strangers decided to foot the bill for all the repairs remaining. They found out about Foster’s story and wanted to help.

Margaret and Timor Martin, who were also getting a classic car repaired at the same shop, got together a group of 35 friends to pitch in and donate for a combined $20,000. In secret, retired SSgt. Kelly’s classic Mustang was restored to mint condition.

The soldier kept his vehicle stored at the shop and came by from time to time to check on it. The reveal was one of those days, or so he thought! When he showed up to a fully restored 1965 Ford Mustang, he was speechless and could pretty much just hug the kind strangers who had given him this amazing surprise gift.

A truly beautiful moment and a stunning classic car as well. Our faith in humanity is restored yet again. The Martins believe that the men and women who serve their country in the military deserve much more than they get, and we at Like A Boss certainly agree. It’s nice that they did this for a retired member of the Armed Forces.

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