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Toy Maker Turns Kids Drawings Into Stuffed Animals

The market for kids toys is certainly a competitive one and always requires innovation from toy makers to stay ahead of the game and elbow out the competition. We believe Budsies is one of the unique toy companies accomplishing this like a boss by turning the artwork from children into actual stuffed animals!

Below are a few examples I wanted to share with you, because they’re just brilliant! It’s a terrific gift idea and these pieces of handcrafted art are actually not that expensive, when you factor in that they’re handmade by a skillful artist, based on a drawing the child created, and shipped in just 9 weeks. (Heck, you can even get it shipped faster outside the holiday season.)

You can find out all about how they create these amazing stuffed animals on their website here, but you’ll have to promise them not to tell your kids about it first. These are the rules, ladies and gentlemen. Please abide by them!


Fat Unicorn?

This chubby funnster of a unicorn is delightful, both in its picture form and also the resulting stuffed animal. The little girl seems excited to say the least!




I think this little boy drew a picture of himself and then it was turned into a stuffed toy. I’m not sure why he doesn’t have legs in the picture though, but the artist who created the stuffed toy stayed true to the little boy’s masterpiece.



Birthday Dog?

The artist who created the stuffed animal nailed it for sure!



Patched Up Bear

And he’s going fishing, because bears like to eat fish.




I guess Brandon won the championship game.



What Is That?!

Most of the stuffed animals created by Budsies fall into this category, because children have such a vivid imagination and you can’t really explain what ends up on paper once they let it go wild! What can I say… children are crazy in a great way. Are we upset about this? Of course not, it’s awesome!












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