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15-Year-Old Invented A Flashlight That Runs On Body Heat!

Ann Makosinski is 15 years old and somewhat of a genius from what I’ve gathered. For a science fair, she created a flashlight that runs on human body heat. Essentially, all you have to do is hold it and it will light up! I do have to add that this wasn’t just any science fair. The 15yo from Canada took part in the Google Science Fair, which invites the best and brightest from around the world to compete. The global contest is for the 13 to 18 age range.

Her thermoelectric flashlight is called Hollow. The name is derived from the fact that the flashlight actually is hollow. She used Peltier tiles wrapped around a hollow aluminum tube. Peltier tiles create electricity when they’re simultaneously heated from one side and cooled from the other. Makosinski’s Hollow flashlight uses body heat from a human palm to heat the tiles from the outside. At the same time, ambient air inside the hollow aluminum tube helps to cool the other side of the tiles. The process creates plenty of energy to power the flashlight.

For her efforts, Ann Makosinski won a $25,000 scholarship from Google and also helped pave the way to utilizing sustainable energy from human body heat to replace the need for batteries, which are harmful to the environment and not nearly as accessible as body heat. This girl is a genius and is definitely going places! I want one of these Hollow flashlights now.

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