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We are #AndreasBakkerud – Ep. 4: “The Family”

In the fourth episode of “We are #AndreasBakkerud”, we get to meet those who stand closest to Andreas, his family.
“They are truly the base of my career, and also the most prominent reason why I’ve made it to the top of the rallycross circus. They gave me the inspiration to start with motorsport at a young age and they’ve supported me in every possible way” says Andreas.
The Bakkerud family is still an integral part of his career and they contribute in various areas.
“We have a board of directors in my company Andreas Bakkerud AS, where both dad Åge and my uncle Tommy are members, and my mom Ann-Kristin is the chairman. It definitely provides a sense of security to know that they can join me in the major decisions” says Andreas.
A common trait that the entire Bakkerud family share is a “crazy commitment”.
“I’ve seen videoes of mom and uncle when they watch me drive, and it truly shows a vide range of emotions. For me that’s just what rallycross is about, and it shows that they love the sport as much as I do.”

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