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High School Runner Carried Her Injured Opponent Across The Finish Line

At a championship cross-country meet, something amazing happened. But first, something terrible! Danielle LeNoue was chugging along and about two miles from the finish line, when her left knee buckled. The result: An injury to her patella tendon, which allows the knee to flex and extend during activities such as walking or running, left her unable to continue running.

She began hobbling toward the finish line, determined to finish the race, as other runners passed her. The pain worsened and left Danielle completely unable to continue the race, because even walking was now impossible. She had no hope of finishing the race on her own.

Then, seemingly out of nowhere, high school senior Melanie Bailey — one of her opponents in the race — decided to do something extremely uplifting and told Danielle to hop on her back so they could finish the race together. Unlike many other runners, she didn’t just pass her injured opponent. No, she thought it was more important for both of them to finish the race and didn’t even think twice about it!

So, for the final race of her high school career, Melanie sacrificed an excellent time in order to help a fellow runner, who had injured herself during the race, by giving her a piggyback ride to the finish line. In true boss fashion, she was kind and helpful toward another human being in a difficult situation. That’s boss.

The two girls are now friends, which is far more important than a high school championship cross-country race. As Melanie put it, “Honestly, I loved the way I ended it. It was a great way to end my cross country season.”

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