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15 Crazily Unreal & Expensive Gadgets. Do You Have Too Much Money?!

Maybe you have too much money laying around. While you probably don’t really, what if you did have too much? What would you buy? Which crazy gadget do you wish you could afford? My list is below. 15 insanely expensive gadgets I wish I could afford!


1. Amphibious Truck – $1,195,000

Produced by GIBBS Amphitrucks, the Phibian is amazing. With its 500hp it’s fast on land and water! Take your offroading to the next level in a badass amphibious truck that can carry up to 15 people.


2. Aurumania Gold Bike – $104,744

Do you need a golden bicycle? Probably not. Do I want a golden bike? Yes.


3. Personalized Whac-A-Mole Game – $35,000

Everything about it is perfect!


4. STAX SR-009 Headphones – $5,250

These are dirt cheap compared to all the other gadgets on this list, but just look at them!


5. Tron Motorcycle – $55,000

These bikes are street legal with electroluminescent strips that light it up in the night for that unmistakable Tron glow! It might also light up your soul.


6. PT Boat – $1,000,000

PT stands for Patrol Torpedo. These boats were used to shoot torpedos at larger surface ships during WWII. How boss would it be to go fishing on one of these?


7. Deep Space Fighter Bed – $15,000

I’m not even gonna explain why this is awesome. You should already know.


8. Obscura CueLight Interactive Pool Table – $80,000

Animations fluidly respond to the movement of the pool balls on this amazing pool table, thanks to built-in tracking capabilities that make this pool table artistic and interactive simultaneously!


9. Yalos Diamond TV – $130,000

White gold plating covered in 160 diamonds that combine to hit 20 carats total is what makes this LCD TV special.


10. Innespace Seabreacher-Y Submarine – $100,000

What. Is. This?!


11. Hovercraft – $190,000

Honestly, if you don’t want a hovercraft, then I just don’t know what to tell you. Shut up and take my money!


12. 18-Carat Gold Speakers – $4,700,000

When you get home from riding your golden bicycle, you can listen to music with these.


13. AeroDream One Ultimate Docking Station – $565,000

It’s 11 feet tall and weighs 870lbs. A ladder is attached, so you can climb up and dock your iPhone/iPad/iPod onto this beast of a docking station. It delivers 10,000 watts and has an 18 inch subwoofer.


14. Unmanned Skier-Controlled Tow Boat – $17,000

Cheaper than a boat and you can even use this if you’re forever alone, because your greed has killed all your friendships.


15. iPad 2 Gold History Edition – $7,944,000

Whip it out at Starbucks, if you want to cause some freak outs and possibly heart attacks.


I have no reason to want all of these things, but I do. BRB going to buy lottery tickets now!

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